3 Must-Have Products for Flea Season

Flea season is coming!

As Winter sheds its bitter cold days, spring brings with it sunshine, rainbows and….fleas. And yes, they will leave your dog itching through the day till they’ve beat themselves up. Nothing hurts more for a dog parent than to sit there, watching TV, while your pup scratches a hole where a flea may be biting.

Don’t be fooled, fleas may stick to just your dog initially, but they’ll eventually dig into your carpets, couches, and even your bed to lay their eggs. Do you want your house to be a breeding ground for these suckers?

The next 3 items I’ve listed are your best bet to avoid fleas without having to take a visit to your vet!

1. Flea Collars

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Small Dog

So yes, we were skeptical about flea collars also – but some of the newer ones really do work! Your traditional method of getting flea medication running through your dog is through a pill. And yeah, that will work just as well. But Lyndsey and I wanted to buy our dogs (Tot & Rupert) something we could see every day and comfort us in knowing we were doing our best to keep our dogs feeling itch-free. We did our research and the data backed it up! We found numerous reviews on Seresto ranging from new dog owners to clinics who had never trusted collars in the past, and all they had to say were positive things. And who are we to go up against a clinic who claims this stuff will work?

How it works for those of you unclear on the science: The collars have an extended release medicine that seeps into your dogs hair follicles and gets excreted through their skin. When a flea comes in contact with your dog, the medicine immediately kills on contact – NO BITE REQUIRED.

2. Flea Shampoo

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor, 12 Oz

Flea shampoo is a really important step in killing off any fleas or ticks that your dog may be carrying now (if you don’t opt in for the collars). Adams has a really great reputation in the community for dog products and the reviews for this shampoo speak for themselves. We immediately saw results in the itching department when we bathed both our dogs in this stuff.

3. Flea Fogger

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger (3 Pack), 3 oz

YES, the flea fogger! What more is there to say about this beautiful thing? This flea fogger is something you can set up at your house to kill any stragglers your dog may have brought in. And remember, fleas lay eggs in the darkest corners of your house – so you may feel safe running around with a spray product, laying waste to the ones you see, but you will never really know if you got ’em all. So trust in the science and let the fog take care of the rest.

How it works You place the 3 spray cans upright in different areas of your house. The nozzle has a clip that, when activated, will release the spray upwards in a fog and spread throughout the vicinity. While this is happening (~2 hours) you’ll want to be out of the house with your pups to let everything set in. Go for a picnic, a long walk, or hangout at the park and let your house be cleansed of those pests.